About Us

Maldives NGO Portal is an online web directory and resource centre for Maldivian NGOs. Our main aim is to help and promote collaborations between donors, stakeholders and volunteers NGOs throughout Maldives and work together more effectively with the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Community Empowerment. 

In one site, NGO’s could get the information that they might be looking for such as information of various funding sources, NGO database, NGO jobs, NGO news, other in-country legal aspects, financial, HR, admin and logistics management, information related to training etc.

We also provide other services such as:

a) Concept Note

b) Project Proposal

c) Financial Monitoring of NGOs

d) Internal audit

f) Trainings for NGOs

Your feedback will help us further improve the site. For further information, you can write to us in the given below address.